Linklog entries in June 2019

Monday, 24 June 2019

My search for the best reusable nappies 

I’ve been pretty quiet for the last few months whilst on maternity leave, apart from a writing a few articles reviewing baby products for the Telegraph.

After having my baby, I was dismayed by how many disposable nappies I was throwing away and haunted by the idea that this pile of waste would take hundreds of years to decompose, far outliving my child. I wanted to switch to reusables but didn’t know where to start. I couldn’t find any decent, reliable consumer journalism which had independently tried, tested and compared reusable nappies. Even Which hadn’t done that work. So I set about doing it myself. I spent months using a wide range of reusable nappies, in order to recommend the best nappies for different circumstances. I hope it’s of real use.

I learned so much along the way that I also added a long FAQ to help others get started with reusables. The truth is, they’re really easy to use and they're much cheaper than disposables in the long-run, but parents need the chance to try them out themselves to see this firsthand and have the confidence to make the upfront investment. Because reusable nappies aren’t generally sold in supermarkets they’re not very visible in society and therefore seem difficult and mysterious. My top tip to anyone interested in trying reusables (apart from reading my article) is to find your nearest nappy library (run by volunteers) and try some out. Alternatively (or additionally), fill out the Nappy Lady’s Questionnaire about your circumstances and receive tailored advice as to which nappies are likely to be best for your baby.

I also reviewed travel cots, high chairs, and baby monitors.