Linklog entries in November 2021

Monday, 1 November 2021

Not Morning Sickness 

I’ve wanted to write this piece about pregnancy sickness for yonks arguing that it shouldn’t be called ‘morning sickness’ because the term is inaccurate, misleading and trivialises the suffering of women. I’ve endured months of all-day-all-night sickness in two pregnancies and can tell you that peoples’ misconceptions that it was just a ‘morning sickness’ added insult to injury.

I’m grateful that the Independent commissioned this and gave me a platform to make my argument. I’m even more thrilled that over the weekend the powerhouse that is Joeli Brearley shared my article on her Pregnant Then Screwed Instagram account – and it was met with widespread support.

I know that there are a lot of problems in the world but this one has an easy fix: just change the language! It’s time to ditch ‘morning sickness’ for good. I feel galvanised by the support and energy of other women so hopefully we can work this up into a proper campaign to make real and lasting change.