Linklog entries in April 2024

Monday, 29 April 2024

The best period pants 

Period pants are a game changer. I wish I could travel back in time and gift them to my teenage self. I’m glad they exist for teenagers starting their periods today.

I only switched away from disposable sanitary pads to period underwear a couple of years ago, when my Mum bought me some period pants as a present. I was unsure and cautious at first. But once I started using them, all my concerns melted away. They’re so much more comfortable and absorbent than sanitary pads. Since then I have evangelised about them with the fervour of a new convert.

So it was a privilege to test and review period underwear for The Telegraph, in my search for the best on the market. As with reusable nappies, I found many of the brands are led by inspiring, entrepreneurial women motivated to create products that are better for people and planet.

Of course, the ultimate reusable option is a menstrual cup. Some of my friends have used the same trusty cup for years. That uses the least planetary resources and is the cheapest way to manage your period. However, if tampons and cups are not for you, then I commend period underwear.